After months of work behind the scenes, we’re finally coming back to life.  Consider the last couple months the montage section of a sports movie where we kick into gear at training camp, assemble our dream team, and our coach makes some speech about how he doesn’t care who wins or loses as long as we leave it all on the court, god-damnit!  I know what you’re thinking “OK sick…?  But how are you gonna beat the kids from the rich side of town that have all the best gear and Jake Morris who has been able to shoot a 120mph slapshot since age 6…?” Good question, tysm for asking!  As opposed to the movie where it takes sheer dumb luck and a special play no one has ever heard of until the moment when we need it, we have an all new staff, a whole new roster, so many sick releases, tours, shows, videos, pictures and SO MUCH MORE.  Exciting times over here, can’t to show everyone what’s to come.

Brent Martone – Creative Professional / Senior Camp Counselor
Benjamin Lieber – Junior Camp Counselor / Warehouse Tall Guy
Michael Pfohl – Booking / Father

Quiet Fire Media is an independent record label and media company launched in January of 2015.  Formed in Buffalo, NY by Head North’s Brent Martone, Benjamin Leiber and Rachel Cooper, Quiet Fire strives to create a niche for their artists in the DIY music scene by delivering music and content that makes an impact.